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Thread: Did you know you can get........for FREE?

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    Did you know you can get........for FREE?

    Hi, Just in case anyone wants to have a look and I know there was question on the forum earlier about OnOne software you can get some of it for FREE (I Like FREE)
    Perfect Layers,Perfect Effects 3 Free Edition and more six all in.

    And NO I don't own the company
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    re: Did you know you can get........for FREE?

    I went into a cellphone shop and asked for a free simcard and they said that will be 1 I said I thought it was a free simcard and they said it is. A free simcard and only costs 1.

    I went outside and looking at the sign '3 mobile' thought, I get it now.

    Nothing is free as far as I know; but I will have a look later.

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    re: Did you know you can get........for FREE?

    OnOne software is generally respected, I guess that the free editions are a lower grade or a way of getting you into using their software so they can tell you about all the new products they have coming up.

    A bit like having Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta, (that is free too, for a limited time!) the majority will go on to pay for full downloads.

    No different to BOGOF - 'Buy one, Get one Free' in your local supermarket.

    A bit of good marketing in these recessionary times as far as I can see.

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