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Thread: Tasman Peninsula

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    Tasman Peninsula

    A few photos of the coast of the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania.

    Tasman Peninsula
    IMG_0141_B by will23456, on Flickr

    Tasman Peninsula
    IMG_0158_B by will23456, on Flickr

    Tasman Peninsula
    IMG_0129_B by will23456, on Flickr

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    Re: Tasman Peninsula

    Hi Will,

    My favourite is #1, I really like the receding levels on subsequent outcrops.

    All three do appear to be clipped in the blacks though, although #2 has the largest area of 'black out'.

    I wonder if #3 might benefit from some perspective correction - assuming the strata I see are vertical, but you can never tell

    Great compositions and colours.


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