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Thread: Big Bluestem, Part 1

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    Big Bluestem, Part 1

    Big Bluestem is a major component of the Tallgrass prairies of North America, which dominated the interior of the US and Much of south central Canada. The prairies form the basis for the rich soil that much of the agriculture of the region depends upon. Sadly, less than 1% remain undisturbed. Fire plays a huge role in the health of this rich ecology, removing excessive layers of thatch and returning potassium to the soil. The blackened landscape warms rapidly in the Spring, promoting a more rapid emergence of the seasons new growth.
    Big Bluestem, Part 1

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    Re: Big Bluestem, Part 1

    Only just noticed this image Randy. I think the close up is quite effective and the new shoots illustrate the new life coming into the prairie. Stronger sunlight may have helped gve the image a bit more "punch". A duplicate layer in PS with Blending mode of Color Dodge with about 50% Opacity may help.

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