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Thread: My daughter Amy

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    My daughter Amy

    My daughter Amy

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    Re: My daughter Amy

    Hi Owen,

    I'm not a portraitist, but here's what I see;

    Good focus and DoF
    Good exposure
    Perhaps a tad over saturated and/or WB a little too red
    The logo on her red top needs to be cloned out - or crop about 10 pixels off right hand side
    There's a green halo around her hair against the window caused by the over exposure there - I'd deal with that by zooming right in (e.g. 300%) and using a fine desaturate brush on just the green halo

    Still a nice picture though.

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: My daughter Amy

    The color balance looks slightly off to me. Was this shot in AWB?

    I would bump up the contrast a little bit.
    I like the idea of bracketing around face with the door/window in the background, though the brightness of it may be a bit too much. You could also add a vignette, those seam to be popular these days

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