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Thread: Orchid

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    The weather around these parts has been really bad this trip and have hardly had any time or opportunity to shoot much.

    The sun made a rare appearance the other day so went looking for birds and as luck would have it the rain started up on reaching the destination.

    Grabbed a couple of quick shots and then noticed that someone had embedded orchid plants in the branch joints of the huge tree I was standing under. Had time to grab one before the rain really started pouring and had to get to the car.

    Did 2 versions, which one is better and why or what can be done to improve them.

    Am thinking that a white frame may help to give the bottom a "bottom" but not sure if those 2 should be cloned out or something else done.

    If I get to go to the same place will surely take a shot of the tree to show the strangeness of having orchids growing in trees.




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    Re: Orchid


    That's actually not strange at all... many wild orchids are Epiphytic orchids and naturally grow like that. In the rainforest, it is not uncommon to have tons of plants growing in the nooks and crannies of a tree's branches. Orchids, bromeliads, etc...

    As for the two shots, I think the second is definitely my preferred version. I like the stronger colors in that one.

    I agree with you that it needs a "bottom". And that is the problem with orchids - they're almost always impossible to frame nicely. I would actually recommend cloning out both of the bottom two flowers and then going for a tighter crop to eliminate the empty space that will cause.

    - Bill

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    Re: Orchid

    Agree with Bill.

    What a lovely find! x

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