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Thread: Photos of slides

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    Photos of slides

    My father in law has loads of old slides. I wanted to digitise them at minimum cost as a back up.
    Using what I had, I set up the following.

    Photos of slides

    (taken on my phone of course)

    D90, macro lens, remote, tripod, off camera flash in saucepan facing up, old plastic lid.

    Camera on live view to aid placing slide. lens on manual focus, Speedlight remotely controlled by on cam flash set for ttl metering (easy with Nikon ).

    The slides were very very variable in exposure. Some almost imposible to see through and some almost clear.

    The whole thing was worked by my non technical wife who just had to place and shoot!

    This is one of them.

    Photos of slides

    My wife, 18 years before I knew her.

    The throughput rate was very fast and almost no PP, which is just as well as we had many hundreds to do!

    Anyone need more detail, just ask.

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    Re: Photos of slides

    Well done Peter. It just proves that necessity is the mother of invention and that you don't need to spend loads of money to achieve a particular objective.

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