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Thread: Sunrise, Cloudland Canyon

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    Sunrise, Cloudland Canyon

    Sunrise at Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia.
    Sunrise, Cloudland Canyon

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    Re: Sunrise, Cloudland Canyon

    Don - The sky in this is wonderful. You've exposed for it just perfectly, in my opinion.

    I'm not, however, that there is a strong enough main point of interest on the hillside that our eye can alight on. The colour and the lighting is good, but I find my gaze is wandering all over the hillside looking fro something to latch on to.

    One idea that occurred to me was that if you made this a 5:4 ratio landscape, retaining the existing left hand edge and the top and the bottom and cropping the right, you would put that gully running up through the trees on the left almost onto the left third vertical (rule-of-thirds) and that this would place it in a more prominent position.

    Something to consider perhaps.

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