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Thread: HDR software query

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    HDR software query

    my first time posting. What is the best software to use for high dynamic range?

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    Re: HDR software query

    Need more info to recommend something really (or it's a bit like asking what's the best food, it kind of dependent on a lot your needs) but depends on your level of experience and purpose, there are tons of options and each aimed at different experience levels and price brackets. If you are just a beginner and looking for something to experiment with and the images are only really for your own use try something like qtpfsgui, it's free so it will only cost you time and it's easier to learn user interface (compared to likes of pfstools I mean).

    For pro stuff like architectural interior shots for real estate purposes and you are going to be using it on a regular basis then the choices are a bit different since everything from workflow and intergration into other software and batch options need to be considered.

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    Re: HDR software query

    Hi Corona203 - I agree with Davey's comment here. What the software is depends on what your needs are. I would suggest that if you're starting out and if you do not have Photoshop CS3, then you look closely at Photomatix Pro 3.0. This is probably the best all round software for working at a beginning and intermediate level. You can create HDR images/maps and you can tone map them, all from within the same package. Photomatix Pro is commercial software and costs a modest amount. The basic version is free and you can get a good flavour by trying that.

    At the next level beginner plus up to intermediate plus is Picturenaut, free. I find this software intuitively easy to use and very powerful.

    Thereafter, for serious stuff, HDRPhotoStudio for HDR generation and manipulation followed by Picturenaut for tone-mapping. HDRPhotoStudio costs ca. $150 but you get a month's free trial. Alternatively Artizen is fairly good ($50). The key with these pieces of software is that you can process the 32-bit HDR image itself. But, if you are just starting all this stuff might be a bit daunting.



    PS If you have a masochistic streak, check out Qtpfsgui, but I warned you!!.

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