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Thread: PP Challenge #11

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    PP Challenge #11

    I entered an image into the PP Challenge #11 Contest looking for feedback but TinyPic deleted my entry. Donald suggested I post it here to get feedback as the contest is now in the voting stage and closed to more submissions. I hope I sized it correctly.


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    Re: PP Challenge #11

    image looks to small to me when I click on it. Is 153kb the max that can be uploaded?

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    Re: PP Challenge #11


    I have entered your image inline. You had only got as far as attaching it as a thumbnail.

    If you study the 'How do I post images here ......' thread available via the HELP/Rules tab on the menu bar above, you will see that there is one final step you have to take beyond what you already did do. This then embeds the link to the image on your hosting site into the post itself rather than attaching a thumbnail to it.
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    Re: PP Challenge #11

    Thank you and I did review the Help section just now.

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    Re: PP Challenge #11

    There were a lot of entries in that competition, Robert, and many of them were rather similar.

    I suppose the first question is what were you attempting to produce by this edit?

    It seems a reasonable pastel painting effect to me. Possibly looking good when printed onto canvas or other textured paper.

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