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Thread: Boreal Chorus Frogs

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    Boreal Chorus Frogs

    Boreal Chorus Frogs

    While on a hike this weekend, we happened upon a small lake. Actually, the reason we found the lake was we heard it. As we approached, it sounded like a thousand bull frogs croaking at the same time. It was almost deafening! When we got to the edge of the water, it all stopped. Nothing but silence. We sat there for about a half hour and then one started croaking again, then two, then three…. Pretty soon hundreds were going at one time. Lisa and I were split up both one different sides of the lake looking for the frogs. We were frustrated… they were invisible! Finally, after about fifteen more minutes we spotted one. To our surprise, all this noise from a frog that could fit on a nickel coin! We were accepted by the frogs after the first hour, they seemed not to really care we were there. We probably sent 2 or 3 hours there and took hundreds of images – only looked at a few, but here is one to give you the idea. We’ve never seen frogs actually blow up like this before in person!

    To help show scale, I found this link on the web – check out the pictures of the frogs on the finger tips!

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    Re: Boreal Chorus Frogs

    Fascinating story and intriguing image to go with it. In terms of the image, Jaime, my only question would be whether or not the DoF is just bit too shallow? The head is fine, but then the focus very quickly drops off. I wonder if it would have benefited from having more of the body in focus? Just a thought. Others (and you) may have a different view.

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