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Thread: Pier 60, Clearwater Beach, Fl.

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    Pier 60, Clearwater Beach, Fl.

    I found a new vantage point for taking pictures of Pier 60 and I thought I would share one. I will be working on the compositions, different angles, and times of day for improving picture #1 in the future. Hopefully I will get some good ones to post.

    Thanks for viewing, all C&C is welcomed and appreciated.

    Pier 60, Clearwater Beach, Fl.

    Pier 60, Clearwater Beach, Fl.

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    Re: Pier 60, Clearwater Beach, Fl.

    Hi Rob, other than the images leaning to the right and the distracting text, both images are stellar! Good compositions, interesting leading lines for the eye to follow, great colors, I like both of them!

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