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Thread: Something out of nothing??

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    Something out of nothing??

    OK, it is 1am and I cannot sleep. What to do, what to do? I know, I will walk out in the garage and shoot whatever catches my eye using only available light from the overheads. Sounds simple enough, right??? Well, it might be simple if I didn't have so much stuff in the garage. Just a few here, C&C always welcome.
    1.Something out of nothing??
    2.Something out of nothing??
    3.Something out of nothing??
    4.Something out of nothing??

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    Re: Something out of nothing??

    Yes, when we have nothing to do the best thing is pick up the camera and drill.

    Taking pics of nothing is quite difficult because how does one make it something?

    What some have done to improve their skills is to take just one object and make 50-70 pics of it and only of it at different settings, angles, wb, colour, etc.

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