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Thread: Peter Eastway Master Class Subscription

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    Peter Eastway Master Class Subscription

    I happened to click on an advertisement for Peter Eastway's Master Class program while I was over at Luminous-Landscape. There is a special going on through the end of the month. Everything in the store is 40% off with the discount code 'lumimous', .

    The full program is $295, $177 after the discount. This seems like a pretty good value. I watched one sample video and it is good. I'm inclined to go for it.

    If anyone in the forum has used this program, could you comment on your experience with it, please.

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    Re: Peter Eastway Master Class Subscription

    Hi, No offense intended here, but why spend money on a Master Class? when you can find all you need to no on this and other forums.
    I just had a quick look at the content of this course
    (1) Which cameras are best for landscape photography? IMO, the answer is the one that you feel comfortable with.
    (2) What lenses capture the best landscape photographs? Just read these forum/s
    (3)Why the smallest aperture isn't necessarily the best for landscapes. Same as above
    I could go on but easier to just list
    What type of tripod works best for landscape photography?
    Choosing a camera bag for comfortable landscape work.
    Useful accessories and gadgets for better landscape photographs.
    Controlling colour temperature and managing white balance in the field.
    Determining correct exposure for difficult landscapes.
    Finding great light and making the most of it.
    Stitching images for panoramic landscapes.
    Computers, monitors and hard drives - post-production tools.
    Shooting aerial landscapes.
    Composition - a series of articles on framing, horizons, centres of interest, balance, rule of thirds, colour, contrast and so on.
    ALL the above you can find answers to on this and other forums
    So save that $177 and add another $100 or so and buy that sturdy tripod


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