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Thread: Lampost and Path (Please comment and suggest).

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    Lampost and Path (Please comment and suggest).

    Lampost and Path (Please comment and suggest).
    It has been edited with RawTherapee (Image from camera, RawTherapee profile). Please share your thoughts and suggest how I could have achieved a better picture, both in capture and PP. As for the later I'd be very grateful if you could render the resulting image with a free program and upload it; like in this other thread.

    Note my bridge camera, a Fujifilm FinePix S3300, has no RAW capability and this image was captured using the largest aperture to reduce noise associated with long exposures.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Lampost and Path (Please comment and suggest).

    Hi, Mario. This photo is fairly well exposed, considering the conditions, however you are trying to get too much in one picture. Now it seems cluttered, and with no focal point. Why not be more selective in your subject matter? You can move down the walk closer to the buildings, and compose some very interesting shots of just one or two buildings, for instance. Or crop this image to simply the lamp post and walk, leaving most of the town out of the picture.

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