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Thread: Infrared Images

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    Infrared Images


    Here are my first two tries with my new infrared filter, as well as my first real PP work:


    Infrared Images


    Infrared Images

    What I did in PP was to desaturate the image (the pictures is pink when it comes out of the camera due to the IR filter), sharpen, played with levels and set curves to linear contrast.
    I am still bothered by the very bright grass in the foreground in picture 1, but if I darken it using levels the whole pictures becomes to dark.
    Picture 2 isn't anything special but I think it shows the infrared effect pretty nicely.

    What do you think?


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    Re: Infrared Images

    I always liked IR images, especially powerful when taking photos of trees!

    I like the first one, nice sky and background,

    but is it me or everything seems a bit too soft ?

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