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Thread: Still looking at my feet

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    Still looking at my feet

    It is a wonder what we pass each day and never see, whether it be above our heads or at our feet. As I like landscapes it never occured to me to look down always ahead or up, I need to learn to focus on the little things not the big picture. Looking down at my feet as it were is forcing me to see the little (big) pictures.



    Still looking at my feet

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    Re: Still looking at my feet

    Now, I would contrast this with that on which I offered earlier comment & criticism, here.

    On this one I do think we have primary points of interest that attract the attention and from which our eyes can then take in the rest of the image. In this case I think there are, a) that highlighted, almost vertical leaf just left of centre and, b) the one running downwards at about at 30 degree angle in the rigth hand half of the frame.

    I like this one. From those two start points, theer is so much to see and my eyes just slowly wander over the image.

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