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Thread: Issue transferring images from Camera

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    Issue transferring images from Camera

    I am trying to transfer pictures from a Canon camera to my computer, but it says that there are no pictures detected on the camera. What do you think is the problem?

    I just recently printed pictures using the same camera's memory card, but now I can't access it on our PC ... or is it something to do with our PC?

    Is it advisable to go back to that printing shop hoping that they can still retrieve the pictures? and have it saved on USB, at least I can able to save the pictures stored on the memory card ... or try another PC perhaps?

    Or really my memory is totally wrecked and there's nothing I can do about retrieving pictures on it?

    pls advice ... thanks.
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    Re: Computer not recognizing images on memory card

    To find a decent image file recovery tool, do a search for "Zero Assumption".

    Its able to recover most data and images as long as it has not been written over too many times.
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    re: Issue transferring images from Camera

    Probably the easiest way to work out if the problem is in the camera/card or computer is to see if you can still see the images on the card using the camera.

    If you can then the card & images are probably OK - in which case I'd take the card to the photo shop and have the images written to a CD or DVD as a precaution.

    If the problem lies with the computer then it's almost impossible to fix via forums like this - the easiest way around it is to simply use a card reader.

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    Re: Issue transferring images from Camera

    I seldom transport images from the camera(s) per usb connexxion i use a Multi cart reader in my home build pc and put the images in the folders it has to belong to..

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    Re: Issue transferring images from Camera

    Just a silly suggestion. Are you trying to download images direct from camera to computer? If so, is the camera battery sufficiently charged? I have had that problem.

    Are you using the Canon Utilities software? I have found that this can be a bit sticky sometimes. Try opening the programme and finding the camera from there.

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