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Thread: Christmas in Sri Lanka

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    Christmas in Sri Lanka

    Thought I would post a few of my favourite shots from my recent trip to Lanka....

    Friends were standing on a fort wall at sunset as I was walking down the road to them I saw a guy selling snacks walking along the wall. I paused to frame the shot and snapped just after he passed them.
    1. Christmas in Sri Lanka

    This guy was standing on his market stall banging boxes to attract attention. Unfortunately the wires were right across his face but by waving my camera I was able to make a connection with him and I then repositioned. As I did he turned slightly to face me (playing to the camera) so that the wires went above/below his face, instead of across it.
    2. Christmas in Sri Lanka

    Driving down a dusty country road I saw these two boys ridding home/to the beach. As we passed them I asked the driver to stop and jumped out. I ran into the road, crouched down to get a slightly lower angle, framed the shot and fired as they approached. I shouted Happy Christmas as they shot past.
    3. Christmas in Sri Lanka

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    Re: Christmas in Sri Lanka

    Very nice set love 1 and 3

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    Re: Christmas in Sri Lanka

    Excellent shots, Dan.

    I assume when you say 'on the wall at the Fort', you're meaning Galle. Last time I was there was 2 years before the Boxing Day Day Tsunami.

    Three first class images.

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    Re: Christmas in Sri Lanka

    Yes indeed Donald, it was Galle fort. I think Sri Lanka may be my muse - it is just such a photogenic country and the people are so friendly (plus you get curry for breakfast). I got so many wonderful shots there and saw many more that I wasn't able to stop for. I will definitely have to go back again.

    This one was taken with my Canon 7D, EF-S 15-85 and a Toyota Truck
    Driving down the road we saw this young girl and her even younger brother carry bundles of cut reeds. Stopped the truck, stuck the camera out the window and snapped a couple of shots.
    Christmas in Sri Lanka

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