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Thread: My litthe niece

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    My litthe niece

    She's so cute!

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    Re: My litthe niece

    First of all, welcome to CiC and thank you for deciding to join.

    As you've maybe seen, CiC is very much a learning resource. So, if you are wanting to improve and develop your photographic knowledge and skills, I hope you will stick around and become a long-term member of the forum.

    And if you do, then, so that you don't continue to get people asking you what your proper name is, because most us use that on here, you can go to Edit Profile and enter your proper name under 'Real Name'. Then it will appear underneath your Username in all your posts. You can also enter your location so that it does the same, just as in my details alongside this message. Then we all know where everyone is in the world.

    Second up - as you can see, I've posted your image into the message rather than it just sitting as a thumbnail at the bottom. If you haven't done so, please do read the help thread on posting images that you can access via the HELP/Rules tab on the menu bar above.

    As to the image - She is, as you say, very cute.

    If you are planning to make lots of images of her, or other people, then one of the best recommendations I could make would be to study the series of portraiture lessons that site administrator Colin Southern posted up on the site. You can access these by clicking here.

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