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Thread: Framed for C&C

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    Framed for C&C

    Took the kids to the park the other day and while they were playing I decided I would too... so here are 2 pictures in the set, each with two edits. I realize they are not terribly interesting shots, but I thought they were fun.

    Framed for C&C

    Framed for C&C

    First foot shot was slight crop, leveled, and thats about it. Second image bumped the contrast, masked and painted in to taste.

    Framed for C&C

    Framed for C&C

    Tube just dropped in a BW and masked out the slide.


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    Re: Framed for C&C

    That's a very good use of selective colourisation on the second one. It does convey the sense of being inside the tube/slide, which is cold, and looking out to a warm sunny day. Works well, I think.

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