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Thread: raw troubles..

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    raw troubles..

    One question ..(there will be more)

    I have a Canon eos 300D with which i shoot raw, the files can be opend with elements 5 correctly but i don't see the option to convert them in to jpeg ( only jpeg 2000) so i do it now this way.

    1 copy the raw files on to a map on my pc
    2 keep the originals still on the memory card (CF)
    3 import them in Photoshop elements 5
    4 save as *.png into a folder of my desired place and location
    5 close photoshop
    6 go to the Location
    7 select *.png folder
    8 open up Microsoft pro photo tools
    9 select them (batch)
    10 save as *.jpeg
    11 press enter and wait

    luckyly i have a pretty fast pc but it must be able to do it more simple..
    or isn't that possible?

    remember i am still a newbie with elements..

    is this the only way or am i doing it the complex way?

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    Re: raw troubles..

    Hi Dirk, I wonder if you should have a look at Canon DPP (free) or DxO for the early stage of processing 300D shots.

    For the Nikons, you can use Nikon View NX (free) or DxO.

    DPP auto-runs when camera is linked via USB cable. View NX auto starts after (free) intermediary Nikon Transfer prog. DxO needs prior arrangement into selected libraries, but works from unedited RAW or NEF.

    They all have a menu item for swift transfer to 2nd stage editing, ie where the degree of edit is greater and especially the need is to edit selected part(s) of an image. DPP & View NX also incorporate the original RAW/Nef file so that you can revert to it thus obviating need for multiple versions.

    DPP & View NX have the benefit of simple RAW/NEF conversion using the manufacturers' provisions for its RAW format. DxO on the other hand relies on laboratory analysis of images taken with specific camera bodies and lenses and giving you either auto or manual corrections accordingly.

    I find DxO extremely effective for my historic 350D output. For Nikon I personally find Capture NX2 far more powerful and seamless than PSE(4), but if you are used to PSE5, fine.

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    Re: raw troubles..

    Canon supply software with their cameras - Zoombrowser and Digital Photo Professional.

    In Zoombrowser there is Raw Image Task which should work.

    Raw Therapee works too as does a couple others I forget right now but's there's likelyhood of many suggestions just a keyboard click or two coming.

    Edit..........ah, Chris beat me to it!
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    Re: raw troubles..

    zoombrouwser doesn't work good in vista perhaps i have too many files (about 18K ) on my hard drive

    but thsnks for the response will look into dpp..

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    Re: raw troubles..

    When using DPP for conversion, I always save as a 16 bit TIFF prior to editing so that you don't lose any information. You can always export as a jpeg later if required. But these TIFF files are large.

    The only problem I have had is when DPP saves the original embeded JPEG alongside the new TIFF and I get confused as to which is which. There is, however, a setting that only lists the converted TIFF files which I found less confusing.

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    Re: raw troubles..

    Thanks for all the responses i will count my blessings and think over if i keep on shooting raw with canon. i'll will try jpeg only too perhaps that with a a high speed card teh camera will write faster because of smaller files ..

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