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Thread: I am confused... problems merging images to hdr

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    I am confused... problems merging images to hdr

    I have been attempting to merge sets of three images, shot on a tripod with one image one stop over, one image right on and one image one stop under. After I merge the three images; the final resut is lighter than even the one-stop over exposed image.

    I cannot seem to adjust it using the histogram.

    Should I be using so other way to adjust the brightness.

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    Re: I am confused...

    What program are you doing the merge with?

    Keep in mind also that even after you've merged the images, you still need to process the image in much the same way as a normal dynamic range image (because that's what it is at that point). Also, you probably won't see much difference with only a 2-Stop bracket; aim for 2 stop steps, and try a bracket of 5 shots (so your capturing an 8EV range instead of only 2EV) (8EV over and above the sensor's normal range that is).

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