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Thread: Perryville Battlefield

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    Perryville Battlefield

    Perryville Battlefield, near Perryville, Ky. Largest Civil War battle fought in the state of Kentucky. The battlefield has been left the way it was when the battle was fought on Oct. 8, 1862.
    Perryville Battlefield

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    Re: Perryville Battlefield

    Such a beautful place to be the site of so much carnage.

    One of my wife's ancestors (Union side) was killed at the Battle of Perryville. My direct two ancestors (Confederate side) whom I know fought in the conflict both survived the war without harm. However I had great-great uncles who were killed or seriously maimed.

    More Americans died in that War than in all of America's other wars combined. In fact, more Americns were killed at the Battle of Shiloh, in April 1862, than in all Amrica's previous Wars. And Shiloh was certainly not the biggest Civil War battle.

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