Hi guys,

I need your help to solve what seems to be an issue with my IPS monitor. I recently acquired an Asus PA246Q IPS monitor and I am kind struggling with its brightness/luminance.
The monitor works fine, calibration is spot on, but it is just too bright, especially at night which is the time I spent most processing my pictures.
I set the brightness of the monitor to 0 and still get luminance of around 140-150. When doing the calibration I am setting the it either native luminance or 6500, but with not that much success.
The room where my pc is the colorimeter is saying luminance around 2500.

So, how to correct balance it? I noticed that when using it for processing pics etc it seems fine, but mostly on web browsing the whites kind hurts your eyes.

I do have the option to change the graphics card brightness/contrast to lower levels, but doing so, the shadows become too dark. Obviously I could try to find the correct balance between changing the graphics card brightness/monitor brightness till I get the correct balance, but I am not sure about gaining or losing anything.

Is there a correct luminance when working during the day or night? How about room luminance, what are you guys setting?

Thanks for any help.