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Thread: Hotel Del Coronado.

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    The haunted Hotel Del Coronado.

    From unknown source:
    One of the largest wooden buildings in the United States, the Hotel Del was built in 1888.

    Before 1900, two tragic women had separately committed suicide, each taking with them the life of an unborn child. Their ghosts remain in two rooms 3502 and 3312.

    The ghosts of a little boy and girl have also been reported, as well as a hotel caretaker walking the dining room and a Victorian lady gliding across a dance floor.

    Hotel Del Coronado.

    This is one beautiful place!

    Hotel Del Coronado.
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    Re: Hotel Del Coronado.

    That is a beautiful image. It looks like the lighting was rather flat, early evening (?) from the color of the cirrus clouds. I suggest cropping one-half of the foreground beach. I'd like to vacation there sometime. San Diego is one of my favorite cities.

    Paul S

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