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Thread: Affordable solution for outdoor portraits lighting

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    Affordable solution for outdoor portraits lighting

    Hello everyone. I need some advice on the following hypothetical situation:

    I am outdoor during an excursion. In the middle of nowhere I want to make a portrait. We are only two persons, me to take the picture and the person to be photographed. What you think is the best affordable lighting set-up if:

    - I have low cost equipment (1 or 2 speedlights maximum)
    - All equipment need to be easy to transport with a car or inside a backpack
    - I dont have an assistant to hold a reflector

    Has anyone tried to attach a small 60cm (and cheap) softbox to a camera bracket for effective off camera flash? Would it be possible to manupulate it or a lightstand is the only way? Any way for a DIY reflector stand? Any other ideas?

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    Re: Affordable solution for outdoor portraits lighting

    My backpack contains two items for such situation: A white folding umbrella (cheap drugstore variety, but not always available), and a small roll of duct-tape. The umbrella is a reasonable reflector or diffuser, mine is still fairly clean. I have even used it to ward off rain.

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    Re: Affordable solution for outdoor portraits lighting

    Your speedlights can be positioned for bouncing the flash off surfaces. You can carry small handmade reflectors and you could add a flash diffuser to your speedlights.

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