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Thread: The USS Midway

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    The USS Midway

    The USS Midway San Diego CA Nikon D300 f/13, 1/160, ISD 200, 13mm

    The USS Midway

    WWII Navy trainer airplane on the USS Midway
    The USS Midway
    Sony DSC-F828 at 7.1mm; 1/30s, f/2, iso64, Flash fired
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    Re: The USS Midway

    Hi Jerry,

    Great light and composition on the exterior shot.

    I see you changed cameras for the interior shot though

    I am also beginining this 'dual camera' approach myself recently; there's a time and a place where a fast wide angle, small sensor, camera wins hands down over a DSLR (and what you'd need to do to get this good a shot with one)

    On the second - I would suggest a wipe around the ceiling lights to remove the bloom with a suitably sized (desaturation) sponge tool, you can (with practice) do this lot in about 2 minutes once you have a routine. It'll make it look a lot better.

    I have to say that, H&S issues aside, I might also clone out the three red cones


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