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Thread: Another try Birds

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    Another try Birds

    Robin 2nd try. still having Exposure issues
    Another try Birds

    Sony SLT A55V 200mm, 1/320s, f/5.6, iso100

    C&C please
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    Re: Another try Birds

    Okie, you asked for it.

    What you did right -
    - focus on the eye. Good.
    - some detail in the feathers. Good.

    What you might want to change next time.

    You took this @200mm, f5.6, 1/320. Normally this would give you a very well focused bird. Unfortunately it does not appear that way so my assumption is that this is a very heavy crop.

    Placement - give the bird something to look into ie place him on the right side.
    Shooting position - go lower for ground level shots. If that is not possible wait for it to go higher up but not too high. Robins are plentiful so you should not have a problem finding a suitable candidate.

    DOF - it may have been better to take this at f8 to get a sharper environment around the subject. Here the grass is somewhat sharp in front of him but falls of from just behind.

    Shutter speed is a very important part of bird photography, try to get it as high as the conditions allow. Even a stationary bird is really not stationary and has feather and other things moving which will kill the shot. Up the ISO if necessary. This one you took at ISO100, but suggest you start with a base of 200 in future.

    These are my base settings which will be adjusted according to the light or other conditions of where the shoot is taking place.

    ISO 200 (will routinely go all the way to 1600 if need be.
    f5.6 - f8 (f11 for large congregations)
    1/1000-1/1250 (In most situations 1/500-1/800 will usually be good enough).
    Evaluative metering
    Burst mode.
    Usually AI Focus unless BIF when I will switch to AI Servo or sometimes just leave as is for larger less speedy birds. Not sure what the settings on the Sony are called but there should be equivalents.

    Shoot lots and lots of birds and soon it will be second nature.

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    Re: Another try Birds

    Well there ya go! That is very well covered and there is nothing new I can add. Except......I wish I could verbalize my thoughts as well!

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