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Thread: Feedback please: The Pass

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    Feedback please: The Pass

    Feedback please: The Pass

    This winter I have tried to capture my boys hockey and rugby matches. I'm using a Canon 400D and EF 70 - 300 IS lens. My strategy is to take a general meter reading at the start of the match and dial it into a manual setting. Trying to keep the ISO as low as possible: depending on light and the shutter speed high (1/800).

    The settings for this one were:

    Aperture f6.3
    Shutter: 1/800
    ISO 400
    Lens @ 150mm (225mm equiv on full frame)

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    Re: Feedback please: The Pass

    Something a pro sports photographer told me many years ago when I was more into sport than photography was, in a ball sport such as hockey, always get the ball in the picture. So, lots of plus points for that.

    That is also a good capture in that you've nailed the exposure.

    After that, for all sports action stuff like this, it's all about the composition and capturing the action that tells the story of the sport. And for that, I think, you have just got to shoot lots and lots and hope that the players are all arranged nicely and doing exciting things for at least some of them.

    On this one, for example, whilst it is a well made image, the only action happening is the follow throw on the pass. In itself that's fine. But there are no tackles being made; no-one lunging in at the side who was trying and block the pass; no goal-minder getting ready to make the save. The two players in the background, by just watching the pass being made, just contribute to giving a flat, unexciting feel to the game. Whereas what you want to convey is tension and excitement.

    So, it's a case of marrying up the two. You've reached the technical standard. Now it's just about firing off enough frames to get those few that will capture the real action.

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    Re: Feedback please: The Pass

    Just a thought, Mark, but I wonder about cropping the right side a little closer.

    At the moment the ball seems just a little lost, and as you have managed to get a 'flying' ball in the scene, try to make the most of it.

    For me, cropping the distance between the ball and right side edge by around half gives a lot more prominence to the ball; and seems to appear like it is moving faster.

    This would mean changing the image size ratio, but I think you could also crop a little from the left side if needed.

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    Re: Feedback please: The Pass

    As an ex-hockey player I have to say that's a great capture. Those balls move pretty fast and you've got it nice and sharp. Whoever's receiving that pass is gonna have a hell of a time stopping it It looks like the sort of shot you'd do inside the D for goal.

    I was thinking a tighter crop as well given that you can't see who the ball is being passed too.

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