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Thread: Looking for a tripod without quick-release head

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    Looking for a tripod without quick-release head

    I find the quick-release fitting on my tripod to be more trouble than it's worth. I have to take it off when changing to my backpacking mini-pod or to my old, heavy-duty Graflex tripod or when changing batteries. My Pentax lacks the extra hole for the stud that keeps the fitting from rotating, so it won't tighten properly and the camera is not secure. I've been looking for a better tripod for some time now, but the ones available locally all have the same problems. Does anyone know of a sturdy, lightweight tripod that does not use a quick-release fitting?

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    Re: Looking for a tripod without quick-release head

    Many if not most of the better tripods come without heads. The purchaser selects the head he or she wants and adds it to the tripod. Many heads come without quick release fittings; such as these:

    However, the Manfrotto RC-2 quick release system has an "architectural plate" which includes a lip in the front that pevents the camera from rotating on the tripod screw.

    OTOH: an expensive but excellent, quick release option is an Arca Compatible system.
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