I just purchased a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 10 to edit videos from my new Panasonic TM900 camcorder, Canon 7D and FLIP HD video camera.

I have previously floundered around in several video editing programs such as Cyberlink Power Director, Sony Vegas Movie Studio (which I got free after a 100% rebate) and the two programs which I received with video cameras, HD Writer AE (received with the Panasonic TM900) and Flipshare (received with the FLIP HD camera). Any of these programs can produce an adequate video (although the production options with Flipshare are severely limited). However, none of these programs, except for the severely limited Flipshare, seem intuitive to me.

Yesterday, I received a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 10, which is a close cousin to Adobe's still image editing program: Photoshop Elements 10, and I love working with it. The negatives I feel about PSE-10 are based mostly on this program's attempt at automating everything. However, since I am a newby in video editing, the ability of the Premiere Elements 10, to automate many tasks is a positive factor for me. Premiere Elements 10 is as easy to use as the Flipshare program, however the capabilities are far-far greater. It has all the capabilities I will ever need for my editing efforts.