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Thread: Adobe Photoshop Touch available for iPad 2

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    Adobe Photoshop Touch available for iPad 2

    This app was only available previously for Andriod users but is now ready for the iPad 2.

    Linky thing

    I use Snapseed and Camera + on my iPad 2 but I expect I will give this a go.

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    Re: Adobe Photoshop Touch available for iPad 2

    Downloaded it this morning. Pretty impressed so far, nice interface, good selection of options and skips along nicely.

    Couple of points:

    It ONLY works with an iPad 2 not the other iOS devices.
    Largest image size is 1600 pixels so no native resolution output from an imported DSLR file.

    Bet it really rocks on the upcoming iPad 3 - hurry up Apple I'm getting itchy walet syndrome.

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