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Thread: Portrait at a trade fair

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    Portrait at a trade fair

    Shot this with a 80-200mm f/2.8 mounted on a D7000 at a trade fair near New Delhi, India.
    Will much appreciate C & C please!

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    Re: Portrait at a trade fair

    I feel portrait oreintation may have suited the subject better than landscape plus maybe a little more background blur, but good colours and well exposed image.
    Have you tried concerting to B&W, it may look a whole lot different?

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    Re: Portrait at a trade fair

    Given that you looked like you've shot this in bright sunlight I think you've done a good job in getting the exposure right. I agree with Steve that a portrait background would work better. I like the colour version although a B&W may yield an interesting photo as well if you tweak the colour highlights.

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