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Thread: covering the nikon name?

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    covering the nikon name?

    Hi All,
    I have been doing some street work as of late. I can't seem to come up with the 10k$ U.S. for a Leica M9 and lens so Ive been using my Nikon D700. I have noticed that the white nikon name seems catch the eye of my subjects sometimes spoiling the shot. Does anybody know a non-permanent way to cover up the name and model number on the front of the camera?

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    Re: covering the nikon name?

    Duct tape - what I use.
    Or black electrical tape, or gaffer tape.
    A dremel may be considered a bit too permanent .

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    Re: covering the nikon name?

    It comes intermediately to my mind that black marker or black adhesive tape (E.g: electrical tape) are ideal for the task and coincidentally is also an advice found on the first result of a Google search for "slr street photography". It is so obvious that I assume it also already occurred to you but for some reason it won't work for you. What is that reason?.

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    Re: covering the nikon name?

    hi hacker,
    I thought tape and the like I even thought of cutting up some zagg shield and putting magic marker on that and sticking that to the camera. I thought someone might have a better idea. that's why I love these forums, exchange ideas. btw thanks for the google search I was looking too specific in my searches now I have a an hour or so reading to do.

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