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Thread: Juxtaposition

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    A mate and I are working on a photography project called 'Twelve' with each of us taking one picture per month on an agreed theme with the intention of producing a photo book at the end of the year.

    This months theme is Juxtaposition so I borrowed an 'old' Rolleicord and another mates studio for an hour for a quick play. The Rollei is on one tripod, my camera was on mine with it suspended above using the 90 degree feature of the centre column and the 'new' D3 was on a paper backdrop. The Rollei was lit using natural light but the D3 needed a boost with flash to overcome the loss of light through the Rollei's lens/screen. Had the D300s set to record a RAW file onto a CF card for when I get back home and a JPEG onto its SD card so I could stick it in the iPad and check the images out at a larger size and have an instant play.

    The shot below has been tweaked ever so slightly on the iPad but I recon the final image will look very like it.


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    Re: Juxtaposition

    Great idea and a wonderful interpretation of the theme.

    I think the angle at which you've placed the Rollei in the frame is just right. Adds that extra dimension. Good piece of work, Robin.

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