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Thread: Colour metering

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    Colour metering

    Morning folks.

    Has anyone tried to calibrate their cameras to a Milota Color meter II? I can't see myself using one for normal work, but I was intrigued as to how accurate 5200K on the camera actually is compared to an external temperature reading. The Whibal cards seem to give me the ost accurate (not necessarily pleasing) colours.

    Incident light meters, I found, were usually indicating a camera setting different than the camera itself, or that resulted in a pleasing image.

    For example. Sunny 16 was closer to Sunny 11

    The new Nikon D3 is much closer (I believe that it has a higher gamma).

    I am by no means a measurebator, I do like to understand the working of my tools though.

    All best


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    Re: Colour metering

    The metering system of the D3 is indeed very very good.

    Initially it produced very different results compared to what I had been used to, but after five months I have absolutely no complaints.

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