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Thread: Albino Kangaroo & Joey

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    Albino Kangaroo & Joey

    Hello Everyone I took this late last year, I really like it but I feel there is still something missing to really make it for me. Please C&C would be very welcome.
    Albino Kangaroo & Joey
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    Re: Albino Kangaroo & Joey

    Hi Tony and welcome.

    That's a nice capture, I dont think I've seen an albino kangaroo before. For me, the main things needed with PP work are extra sharpening and minor tweeking of the levels. I tried sharpening at 80% with a pixel radius of 1 , and adjusted the levels as follows

    White 235
    Black 9
    Min-tone 0.9

    It makes the image "pop" quite a bit.


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    Re: Albino Kangaroo & Joey

    Hi Tony,

    I agree with Dave, the biggest problem being it just isn't sharp (as shown here) - did you downsize and sharpen before posting?

    It might also have helped to have the feet and ear tip in shot.

    A slight clockwise rotation to get it vertical would also be desirable, except the necessary crop would lose even more of the feet and possibly the other ear tip.

    The exposure looks good, although the WB (white balance) might be a touch warm.

    If this is a crop as seen here, meaning you have the ears and feet, a little PP could probably make a big difference, especially if shot RAW.


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