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Thread: Sunset 2 Views

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    Sunset 2 Views

    Two views over the inland waterway.....

    Sunset 2 Views

    Sunset 2 Views
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    Re: Sunset 2 Views

    sunsets or sunrises pics demand patience photographer need to wait for the right time of the day to capture those lovely colors create pleasant moods for the viewers! these pics are intentionally underexposed.......not my favorites pics

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    Re: Sunset 2 Views

    Some rather unsubtle Paintshop editing on the second shot?

    I would edit with smaller adjustments if I was attempting to modify a pic, in order that the effect is less noticeable. Try blowing the picture up more in your browser and then working with a smaller brush, checking back that the full size picture is acceptable before adding more adjustment if necessary. Sometimes altering only a few pixels at a time.

    Post production changes can take a long time to achieve a smooth less obvious effect, but the finished article will then shine through.

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