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Thread: Photomatix-Pro 4.0

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    Photomatix-Pro 4.0

    Does anyone have or know where i can get a trial version of Photomatix-Pro 4.0 for Mac? I have a serial from my copy, but my copy is not installing on the new comp.

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    Re: Photomatix-Pro 4.0

    The free/trial version watermarks the photos.

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    Re: Photomatix-Pro 4.0

    the site only has 4.1 version. i only have a key for 4.0 so it doesnt work

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    Re: Photomatix-Pro 4.0

    Even the key for version 3 will work for version 4. If your key isn't working, just contact HDRSOFT and they should be able to help you. Upgrades are free once you have purchased the key.

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