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Thread: 17th Century Observatory

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    17th Century Observatory

    Earlier last week, Simone-Simone posted a work in a competition. I felt need a lot more pop as I really liked the overall composition. Obviously, since it was in a competition (#866), I couldn't post a reworked image, but did PM her for permission to post when the competition was over.

    This was a simple matter of establishing a new black point in the levels dialogue, adding some contrast, and giving it the Jiro effect before final output sharpening.

    I probably would have removed the palms from the windows and given it a slightly different background, but I wanted to stay true to the image for the sake of the edit.

    17th Century Observatory

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    Re: 17th Century Observatory

    Yes I remember that one quite well - it stood out as pretty unique.

    This edit made that image really stand out. I quite like it now with so many little holes here and there to explore. The pp is superb.

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