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Thread: Opening Raw Images In Photoshop Elements 10

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    Opening Raw Images In Photoshop Elements 10

    When I opened the Raw images that I shot at the Chinese New Year Parade in Los Angeles in Photoshop Elements 10. I was shocked that all of the images seemed too light and overexposed. I then realized that each image was being shown at a brightness of +50. When I reduced the brightness down to between -10 and +10 the images were fine.

    Why did Photoshop Elements select +50 to open my images? It is easy enough to correct but, was a PITA until I realized that my cameras were not overexposing...

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    Re: Opening Raw Images In Photoshop Elements 10

    Hi Richard,

    Did you save a preset or default while rescuing some under exposed shots previously?

    I think ACR remembers previous settings and applies those on first opening.

    It catches me out sometimes, sorry I can't give a more definitive answer.

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    Re: Opening Raw Images In Photoshop Elements 10

    Was there a problem at the time of shooting which you haven't realised?

    When opening an image in ACR (using CS5) 50 brightness is the normal starting point. Sometimes I reduce it to 40 but rarely less.

    My initial (and major) adjustments are made with the Exposure adjustment.

    Is there another ACR setting which is causing the problem, as Dave mentioned? Not something which I have encountered personally though.

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