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Thread: Paddling Pool

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    Paddling Pool

    Well its quiet at last. The rug rats have gone off to re-landscape a neighbour's garden so I got off a couple of shots before the havoc starts again.

    Paddling Pool

    Paddling Pool

    Paddling Pool

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    Re: Paddling Pool

    Second one is my fav, the first one looks better for me if the bokeh was more the rest 2 . Any thoughts?

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    Re: Paddling Pool


    I like the 2nd picture. It would be nice if you can post your settings of this shot.



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    Re: Paddling Pool

    That first pic is very curvy and sensual.

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    Re: Paddling Pool

    Yan, settings are as follows;

    Exposure: 1/640 sec
    Aperture: f/5.6
    ISO: 100
    Focal length: 155mm
    AV Mode
    No Flash

    Ajith, I agree I may try this shot again. The paddling pool is permanently inflated with all this good weather.

    I do not know wether anyone spotted the oddity in the 3rd image. The centre point of the image is out of focus and the focal point is in the lower left diagonal 3rd. I was not too sure if this worked but it is growing on me

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