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Thread: Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth

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    Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth

    I was fortunate to have three wonderful days in West Cornwall last week, staying in the old fishing village of Mousehole.

    The weather was not great for photography, which has meant quite a lot of Photoshop editing to get some "pop" into many of the images.

    This one was taken at dusk in Penberth Cove, a tiny fishing cove between Penzance and Lands End. I have managed to get some colour into the image, which I feel has been greatly helped by the strong colours of the fishing buoys.

    I would be interested in other peoples views.

    Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth

    Aperture: f/4.5 Shutter Speed: 1/500 ISO: 400
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    Re: Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth

    I'm not sure about the red fish basket by the back door though, Chris.

    It does tend to draw my eyes in the wrong direction. But a good well focused shot in what was obviously difficult lighting.

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    Re: Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth

    I like this photo!
    the light is not the best, I think it could be greatly improved if shot again at a different time of the day.
    why not to try a B&W convertion on this one?
    good job

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    Re: Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth

    i like this shot and would personally have desaturated the colour completely then popped the colours on bouys!

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    Re: Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth

    Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth

    I am still learning with photoshop so my skills arent amazing yet but thought i might have a play with this see what ya thought! hope ya dont mind!!

    I made a crop to the right hand side,desaturated and used some contrast then colour popped with eraser tool to highlight bouys!

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