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Thread: OSX Lion 10.7 and Nikon NX2

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    OSX Lion 10.7 and Nikon NX2

    Not sure if anyone has started a thread on this previously but has anyone had difficulties with these two bits of software. NX2 (2.3.0) is the most recent incarnation, but still appears to be incompatible with OSX Lion, due to the removal of Rosetta from OSX. (Not keen to go back to Snow Leopard 10.6 as I want the support for other devices that Lion offers.)

    There is some debate out there over this but I resent losing one of my favourite quick fix bits of software having upgraded to Lion. Nikon and Apple seem relatively unconcerned and blame each other, in which case, I think I will default to the all rounder Phase One Capture One Pro 6.

    Anyone else experienced similar problems?

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    Re: OSX Lion 10.7 and Nikon NX2

    Yes I have. I just purchased Capture NX2, version 2.2, and when I tried to load it on Lion it would not go. After some frustration I found a link on the Nikon site for an update 2.3 for Lion. I downloaded it on to my computer and all I needed was the product key that came with the original program. I will attach the link and good luck. It was painless when I downloaded the update.

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