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Thread: The Big Day

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    The Big Day

    Here's a shot I took of my wife as she prepared for our wedding. No flash, just a bit of light through the window and a light inside. She wouldn't let me photograph the entire wedding but I managed to get a few shots. C&C welcome
    The Big Day

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    Re: The Big Day

    It's probably a good thing she didn't let you take the photos - you might have have forgotten to get married to her!

    You did an excellent job getting rid of the background clutter. There's a little bit of a halo around her hair braid I think on the bottom left. Not sure if there's a slightly orange cast to the photo too? It might be what she's wearing to be honest.

    It's a shame you didn't get her right shoulder a bit sharper to maintain the detail in her dress but it's still a great capture.

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