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Thread: Best General Purpose Lens for Canon 450D

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    Best General Purpose Lens for Canon 450D

    I am new to photography and purchasing a Canon 450D with one general purpose lens.

    Does anyone have a preference between Canon's 24-70 mm and 24-105 mm lenses?

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    On the Canon 450D a more well-balanced focal range is ~17-50. Go for the new Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS lens; it will be faster, smaller and more light-weight with comparable image quality. The other lenses you mentioned are more intended as all-around lenses on full frame cameras, such as for photojournalism work.

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    Re: Best General Purpose Lens for Canon 450D

    I enjoyed my 17-85mm IS on my Rebel Xti.
    It maxes at f/4, but other than that, I was happy with it.
    I am selling it now though for an L-lens eventually.

    As a first lens, I would encourage you to get something with IS. It is a bit more forgiving and has helped me a lot as I got familiar with my camera and getting used to different techniques.

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