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Thread: Totems at rest

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    Totems at rest

    I noticed a news article in the local paper. Totem poles, a feature in the local park since the early 1960s, had been cut down. The local Salish first nations performed a de-consecration ceremony while park workers wheeled the chain saws. The poles were rotten, and becoming a hazard. I never paid much attention to the poles while they were standing in an otherwise uninteresting part of the park. Hearing of their demise, however, prompted a visit. As a note, there are hopes that funds can be raised to sponsor a new set of poles for the next generation.

    The first shot is just to give an idea of what we are looking at--4 totems lying in the grass, their rotten tops towards the camera. It was a dark gloomy glen, despite the bright sunshine away from the trees.

    Totems at rest

    Shot 2 shows the workmanship that is required to create this artwork.

    Totems at rest

    Shot 3. Just as we were to leave, an errant beam found a clear path through the foliage. This is how I'd like to remember the poles.

    Totems at rest


    PS. Colin, this is my first attempt to insert an image. (I'm trying to save you some work. ) I'm not sure if I was to link to a small file, or if I can link to the original? These are the small ones suitable for attachment.

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    Re: Totems at rest

    a very interesting collection; both the 1st context shot and the composition of pattern textures and light in the 2 later ones

    Welcome to the forum Stephen and will look forward to some more interesting shots. Do post 1024x768; the forum software automatically generates a reduced version for viewers with tiddly screens. Can even go mad with slightly bigger.

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