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Thread: 2 semi-panoramas

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    2 semi-panoramas

    First is looking at the Adirondack high peaks across Lake Champlain from Burlington VT in a drizzle. Second is the Tetons during a break in a spring storm. C&C welcome, as always.

    2 semi-panoramas

    2 semi-panoramas

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    Re: 2 semi-panoramas

    Hi Dan. Both shots have a number of great elements, which is likely why you took the time to capture them.

    I feel that the subject in each needs to be better defined in order to get the attention of the viewer's eye. Fortunately, you have a number of options available, the easiest to implement is cropping. You could try playing with different cropping’s to see if you like the results any better.

    In the first, for example, you could make the island more prominent in the scene if that is the part you want to emphasize. In the second, you may feel that the focal point should be the narrow valley in the fog.

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