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Thread: Jeweler in India

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    Tito Pieczanski

    Jeweler in India

    I took this picture in a little village in India It was a jewelers workshop in a tiny stall. It looked as if he was able to create extraordinary beauty out of nothing.
    I welcome comments and critique. I have never posted before in my life, but "secretly" kept working on my pics for many years.
    Tito Pieczanski
    Jeweler in India

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    Re: Jeweler in India

    Hi Tito,

    An interesting scene. Just from a composition perspective, that box on the bottom left is a bit of a distraction from your subject. Your subject's hand on the right is also cut off - not sure what the opportunity would have been to move a bit to the right but those are probably two points I'd raise for next time.

    I think this might make an interesting B&W.

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