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Thread: GTI Light Box

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    GTI Light Box

    Almost by pure serendipidy, I came across a Graphic Light SOFV-1e/TRV-1e light box on Craig's List selling for less than 1/10 its $2,200 retail price. I arranged to buy it and had it shipped to me from the midwest. What an addition to my printing tools!

    With just a few hours of use, I can see that this device is going to make a big difference in my abilty to judge and correct print quality. By using images of a Macbeth color checker on my two screens and the physical checker in the light box, I should be able to improve the calibration of my monitors greatly. Already I can see that the Huey Pantone settings are not right; I'll need to work on this more.

    I always knew that proper lighting would be a big help, but I had not planned to invest in a commercail grade device like this. Now that I have it I can see what a difference it is going to make. Sometimes it pays to watch the second-hand market!

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    Re: GTI Light Box

    Congrats on a good deal.

    How did it get that cheap?

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